Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chainsaw Carver and Artist Donna Marie Genovese

Donna has the vision. When she looks at a tree trunk or a log, she sees within it a crouching bear , or an observant owl with the wisdom of the night. Her instument of choice - a chainsaw - and with it she removes those parts that are not the bear or the owl, or the deer. Her renderings of wildlife capture classic expressions and postures - you might expect her owls to blink while you are looking at them. Donna also creates smaller carvings with smooth lines, like her "spirit face" and her lovely welcome signs would flatter anyone's entry way. Her work is treated to endure the seasons and she provides recommendations for care that will support the longevity of her art.

Donna also creates lovely garden sculptures.
Her work is all original - some whimsical and some very lifelike.

Hand created original art - they are all one of a kind.
We're happy to feature Donna Genovese
at Medford Company Store.

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